Compass Mining host a Twitter Spaces Sunday for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to clarify the now cancelled deployment of Compass miners to South Carolina.

While an unfortunate series of events, Compass continues to promote transparency first in order to better serve our miners. Delays happen in Bitcoin mining, but Compass won’t leave its miners out on a limb. To that end, Compass Mining CEO Whit Gibbs hosted the AMA session with the Compass team to answer any concerns or questions from our clients.

The conversation spanned over 5 hours and covered topics from how machines are deployed from Compass’ manufacturing partners in Asia, to facility screenings to shipping miners to customers' homes.

Listen to the full audio version below:

Some conversations surfaced multiple times during the AMA. For brevity, we’ve included answers and timestamps to those questions below.

Will delayed miners get priority in going online in order of previous online dates? (timestamp)

Miners will be queued based on their original order dates. Miners who were delayed will receive priority for any new facility openings Compass reserves.

Will any machines be placed at the South Carolina facility? (timestamp)

Compass will not operate a facility in South Carolina any longer. Compass miners impacted by the closed location will be transferred to our Nebraska facility, or other facilities once they come online, if a refund or home mining is not selected.

Nebraska is not considered a renewable energy facility.

Will other Compass miners be affected by the delay? (timestamp)

Compass miners who selected the South Carolina hosting facility for deployment dates after September will be given the option to host at a new location, but will not have online dates affected. All other Compass miners are not affected.

How does Compass choose which facility to use? Are they typically based in North America? (timestamp)

Compass actively chooses sites based on set criteria. Compass is currently looking at sites in the US, Canada and Norway. Compass miners may always reject the option to host at a facility, based on their discretion.

What is Compass doing to protect against similar situations happening again? (timestamp)

Compass is hiring further staff to screen facilities. Compass also cancelled the South Carolina hosting site due to unacceptable laps in communication between Compass and the facility builder.

If I paid in Bitcoin, why can’t I be refunded the same amount in BTC? (timestamp)

Compass liquidates Bitcoin payments immediately into USD to secure your order at the time of purchase. Compass can only issue refunds in US dollars as Compass pays its vendors and hosting partners in dollars.

Be sure to check out our FAQ page for additional information, or send a request email to [email protected].