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Whether you’re ready to sell your hardware or looking for answers, we’ll guide you to the right information.

Become a

Start Selling in 5 Steps



Complete seller verification to join the marketplace.


Select Machine

Pick the type of machine you want to sell.


Set Your Price

Set a price for your machine.


Monitor Listing

You can adjust the price of your listing once every 24 hours.


Manage Funds

Receive payment from a buyer in your marketplace account.

Get Verified

Get Verified

All sellers must be verified before joining the marketplace.

To complete the verification process, click “Become a Verified Seller” in the bottom left corner of the seller dashboard. Sellers need to provide a name, address, and proof of identification. The marketplace is available to verified sellers in the US and internationally. The specific coverages included and excluded under this service, can be found in detail in the Marketplace Terms & Conditions here.

Contact Compass Support with any questions at [email protected].

Select a Machine to Sell

Select a Machine to Sell

Verified users will see the Your Orders dashboard tab convert into a seller view.

Each order in that tab can be expanded to see machines that are eligible to resale. Eligible hardware units have checkboxes next to them.

Sell a machine by clicking “Set for Sale”. A seller can create one listing for multiple machines that were purchased in a single order.

Set Your Price

Set Your Price

Sellers can use historical payouts for the machine and the hosting facility’s electricity prices as a guide to set the price for their listing.

After setting a price, click confirm to see the expected profit from the sale.

All listings are subject to a maximum price limit based on market conditions to protect buyers.

Monitor Your Listing

Monitor Your Listing

It may take up to a week for the miner to appear for purchase on the Marketplace. Sellers can change their listing price after 24 hours live on the marketplace.

After a buyer completes a purchase, the seller will receive receipt of payment and the machine will be marked as sold in the seller’s dashboard.

Ownership of the machine will transition to the buyer’s account and payment will arrive in the seller’s balance within one week from the purchase date.

Manage Your Funds

Manage Your Funds

Sellers can hold their funds in USD or convert to BTC. Funds can be withdrawn from a seller account at any time via wire transfer or by sending to a bitcoin address.

Soon sellers will also be able to apply their balances to future hardware and hosting purchases.

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