Compass Score

Compass Score is a 0 to 100 score developed by Compass aimed at helping you make an informed decision on your next mining purchase.

What is the Compass Score?

With a growing number of listings on our marketplace, the Compass Score allows you to easily compare and contrast, highlighting what we view as the standout listings.

The Compass Score factors in the specific miner purchase price, monthly hosting fees, estimated online date, miner efficiency (TH), current bitcoin price, current network difficulty and whether a machine is new or second hand. Higher scores represent a more attractive listing.

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How to Use

Compass Score Components

What's included in the Compass Score?

Purchase Price ($)

Initial capital cost of acquiring SHA-256 miners (CAPEX)

Monthly Hosting Cost ($)

The cost to host your miners with Compass (OPEX)

Estimated Online Date

Considers how soon the miner will join the bitcoin network and contribute hashing power.

Miner Efficiency (TH/s)

Considers the power consumption required to generate a number of hashes per second (i.e. hash rate). The higher the hash rate for the lowest power consumption the better.

Current Network Difficulty

Considers the amount of hashrate present in the Bitcoin network as a factor in determining mining rewards. Network difficulty is adjusted every ~2 weeks. The higher the network's hashrate, the more secure it becomes, but this can also result in lower rewards. Higher rewards are possible if there is a downward network difficulty adjustment.

Current Bitcoin Price ($)

The current market price of 1 bitcoin in U.S. dollars.

New or Second Hand

Considers the age of the unit as a proxy for longevity. New units rank higher.

Benefits of Compass Score


The Compass Score is a relative metric customers can utilize to quickly and easily compare miner listings.

Current Best Value

The Compass Score helps you identify the current best value deals available.

Save Time

The goal is to help our customers save time in their ASIC shopping experience. No need to open multiple tabs to go back-and-forth comparing prices and specifications; the hard work has already been done for you.

How Should You Use Compass Score

Shop with Confidence

The Compass Score is a relative metric customers can utilize to quickly and easily compare miners.

Shop for Best Value

Use the Compass Score to purchase the miner with the most hashing power at the earliest online date for the lower price. The higher the Compass Score the better bang-for-the-buck it offers.


The Compass Score is not a return-on-investment (ROI) metric nor a payback score. Do not use as an indicator for payback timeframe.

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