Protection for Everyone

Protect your mining hardware from accidental property damage caused by fire, theft and catastrophic weather. Compass Protection covers your hardware investment up to its original purchase price.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Protect your hardware from the unknown. Mine with peace of mind knowing your machines are protected.


How it Works

In the case of an accidental event we will cover up to the cost of your initial purchase price. This can be used for a new miner of equal value or can be transferred to your account.


Eligible customers who purchase the Compass Protection will be billed annually according to their hosting contracts with the option to renew annually

Plan Details

Benefit Details

What's Covered

Plan Details

Payment Frequency

Yearly, or as part of Hosting Bill.

Contract Length

Reoccurring annually based on start mining date.


Based on initial purchase price of the machine.

Coverage Limits

Initial purchase price of the machine.

Benefit Details

Replacement Cost Coverage

USD equal to the Fair Market Value of your machine at time of contract purchase or renewal, in case of accidental hardware damage.

Replace or Reimburse

Customers can have their units repaired or replaced or may recieve reinbursement up to the value of initial purchase.

Volatility Protection

Miner protection amount holds constant for entirety of the term. Regardless of current market value.

What's Covered

Standard Hosting Plan

Compass Protection Plan


not covered


not covered


not covered

Weather/Natural Disaster

not covered

not covered

Nuclear Hazard, War, Governmental Action

not covered

not covered

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