Compass Mining, the world's first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, and North American digital currency mining expert Navier announce today the launch of HashTest, a simple solution for providing third party verification of an individual Bitcoin miners' advertised hashrate.

HashTest supplies a standard Stratum URL and worker name to identify an ASICs performance when deployed and track the usable life of the machines as long as they remain connected. HashTest acts as a third party verification tool for buyers and sellers of ASICs who can match the advertised hashrate against live performance on location.

ASIC buyers have historically had little control or knowledge of their individual machines' performance once placed at a facility. HashTest further professionalizes the Bitcoin ASIC market by ensuring sold products meet advertised specifications. Hashtest will prove useful for customers who want to buy and sell used hardware, obtain insurance for their ASICs, and ensure their pool(s) are properly compensating them for their hashrate contribution.

“HashTest is a tool we have created for everyone to identify independent and unbiased information regarding an ASIC,” said Compass Mining CTO Paul Gosker. “HashTest will allow sellers to demonstrate the performance of an ASIC to a buyer.”

“HashTest is the first globally available independent hashrate testing service,” said Navier CEO Josh Metnick. “We are not a manufacturer, we are not a mine, we are not a pool, and we do not make firmware. Our only goal is to provide the most accurate and unbiased hashrate measurement. We believe these datasets will empower both small and large miners to make more informed decisions.”