At all of our facilities, miner uptime has improved due to a reduction in curtailment incidents and heat-management issues. We are continuing to work with the on-site technicians to troubleshoot the small number of miners that remain offline.

Please note the structure used below for our weekly Compass updates:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime, or general information about one of Compass’s partner facilities
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations
  • Relocation updates: updates on miners moving from one Compass Mining facility to another

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Facility Updates

Indiana 1/2: Bitmain technicians are unable to complete the hash board repairs due to unavailable parts. However, we are actively working on securing more parts to complete all pending hash board repairs as soon as possible. Bitmain technicians will continue to visit the site each week until they complete all the repairs.

Minnesota 1: The facility recently upgraded one of the containers, temporarily de-racking several miners during the upgrade. After the upgrade, the miners were reinstalled back in the container. Customers affected by the maintenance should now be back online.

Nebraska: The facility completed maintenance last week per the electric provider's requirements. The facility is now fully operational.

Ohio 2: The facility has consistently maintained an impressive overall hash rate of 99%. It's an outstanding achievement for Compass employees running the facility. The technicians continue to be proactive and prompt with their troubleshooting actions, ensuring excellent uptime for customers.

Texas 1: The transmission line was repaired within the projected timeframe. All Texas 1 units affected by the outage have been restored and are back online.

Texas 3: Last week, the facility underwent a scheduled 52-hour maintenance as mandated by the electric provider, requiring de-energization of the site. A slight delay in bringing the power back up meant the facility was down for about 72 hours.

Texas 5: Efforts are ongoing to address offline and underhashing miners, with coordination being a top priority. The onsite technicians have been identifying and preparing units that require offsite repairs to ensure they are back online as soon as possible.

Curtailment & Outage Trends: Facilities still perform power curtailments to ensure optimal grid load balancing. However, it's worth mentioning that there has been a significant decrease in both the duration and frequency of these curtailments. While facilities are doing their best to minimize curtailments, they may still face disruptions due to electrical issues, internet outages, or routine maintenance, which can lead to downtime for our customers. The following provides a comprehensive overview of all curtailments and outages at our facilities.

We are pleased to report that Indiana 1 and 2, Manitoba 2 to 9, Nevada, Ohio 2, Oklahoma 1, Minnesota1 and Texas 5 experienced no downtime or curtailment in the last two weeks. As stated above, the long outages in Nebraska 1 & Texas 3 were due to scheduled preventative electrical maintenance performed by our facility partners.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Bundle orders

Next Generation Bundles: 61 XPs have been deployed to customers at the Ohio 2 facility in the last two weeks, with certain units shipped to customers' addresses. As more units are received, they are installed promptly to ensure immediate deployment to customer pools.

Turnkey orders

Antminer S19j Pro+ 120TH: The turnkey units' hashrate can be directed to customers' pool accounts within 48 hours of purchase. Ohio 2 units are currently out of stock, but S19j Pro+ Turnkey miners are still available at our Texas 3 location.

Whatsminer M50S++: M50S++ units in Minnesota and Nebraska are available on the website for immediate deployment.

Whatsminer M50S: We have M50S units in Minnesota available for purchase through our Compass Marketplace.

Future Deployments

S19k Pro: Available S19K Pro units have been successfully deployed to customers. More units are expected to be delivered over the coming months and will be available for purchase on the website.

Relocation Updates

Texas 4

Customer units from Texas 4 are being redeployed each week in small batches at various facilities. Customers are being notified through relocation tickets when their miner is online at the new facility.

S19 XP units: The DSC team has shipped small batches of XP units from the backlog to different facilities, gradually bringing them back online. The DSC team is using all its resources to address the XP backlog.

Non-XP units: We have successfully relocated over 2000 non-XP customer units from Texas 4. The technicians at the Washington service center continue to clean and test units at full speed.