We achieved a 97.90% uptime last week after resolving outstanding outages. See the chart below for details.

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Facility Updates

Indiana 1/2: Due to improved airflow at the facility, we are observing reduced overheating issues. Additionally, our on-site technicians are currently packing up units that will be relocating to a new facility, which has also helped to improve the airflow issues.

Minnesota 1: Our on-site technicians have been working hard to redeploy repaired units that arrived from our Denver service center last week. They have also de-racked the retired units to increase the site's capacity. This week, several maintenance activities are expected, but only a small number of units are expected to be impacted.

Texas 5: We have improved the facility's issue/repair/derack request handling process, resulting in more stable utilization and faster resolution times for miners in the diagnostics and repair queue.

Last week, the power outage in Nebraska was successfully resolved. Additionally, Minnesota 1, Texas 5, and Texas 1 continue to perform their weekly curtailment requirements. Below is a summary table of the outages and curtailments for the past week.

Relocation Updates

Indiana (Partial Relocation)

We are currently packing and relocating around 600 units. Customer units will be picked up and shipped to Texas 1 this week.


Relocation is ongoing, and units are being prepared for shipment to Texas 1. We will continue to provide updates once miners arrive at the new facility.