Although there were few curtailment incidents, the overall uptime was excellent last week.

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Facility Updates

Nebraska 1 & Texas 3: The two facilities have recently undergone a change of ownership and operations. We are working with the new operator to establish communication channels and procedures for on-site troubleshooting.

Ontario 1: Last week, the facility experienced some network-related issues. Our onsite technicians have fixed the issue and are now actively working to address any affected miners.

Texas 1: We are currently expanding the number of open slots in the facility for new miners and relocation miners awaiting redeployment. New capacity is expected to come online over the next two weeks.

Last week, we experienced increased curtailment at Texas 1, Texas 5, and Minnesota, with Indiana 2 also needing to curtail. While most of the facility remains operational, Nebraska is still experiencing a partial outage. Here is the summary of downtime and curtailment from last week.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Turnkey Miners

We have several turnkey miners that are now online and ready for immediate deployment across multiple facilities. Below is a summary of the units available on the Compass website:

Future Deployments

Antminer S21: We have more S21 units arriving for deployment in our Ohio and Ontario facilities.

Relocation Updates

Nevada 1

We sent another communication to our customer last week regarding the relocation scheduled to begin after April 27th. For customers with miners hashing at the facility with the prefix "nv1" but who have not received any communication, please submit a support ticket so we can make the necessary updates for proper tracking.

Texas 4

We are actively redeploying Texas 4 miners from our service centers to various facilities.

S19 XP units: The service center is still processing the remaining relocation miners. We have successfully redeployed any recently processed miners to their new facility.

Non-XP units: We are coordinating with our facilities to assess the available slots at each location. As additional slots become available, the last few batches of TX4 relocation miners are expected to be deployed at Texas 1.