Overall facility uptime for the past week was 99.54%, see chart below for more information.

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Facility Updates

Manitoba 2-9: Last week, we shipped approximately 38 miners off-site for repair. We are actively coordinating with various teams to conduct diagnostics on additional offline and underhashing miners to obtain repair approval and ensure they are fixed and brought back online as soon as possible.

Minnesota: The on-site technicians completed the second phase of maintenance, following the initial work that had begun the previous week. They completed the activity with minimal impact on the miners. Last week, our on-site technicians also de-racked around 200 retired old-generation miners, which helps increase capacity at the facility. In addition, they have prepared 25 units for shipment off-site for repairs.

Texas 1: After the recent expansion, on-site technicians at Texas 1 have been focused on deploying miners into the new capacity. This has created a minor diagnostic backlog at the site, which is expected to be addressed this week.

Texas 5: By the end of last week, the facility's utilization greatly improved and reached 96%. This utilization improvement is due to our continual efforts to work with the facility and repair teams to first identify miners that need repair and then ship approved miners to our repair centers.

Nebraska 1 & Texas 3: Due to the operator change at the facilities, we are seeing delays with diagnostic and troubleshooting actions. We expect the new operator to scale operations and address staffing issues over the coming weeks. We will provide an update as soon as we have more information.

Curtailment & Outage Trends:

Only three facilities curtailed last week: Texas 1, Texas 5, and Minnesota. Here's the summary of downtime and curtailing from last week.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Turnkey Miners

Here's a summary of turnkey miners that are online and ready for immediate deployment on the Compass website:

Future Deployments

Antminer S21: We have S21 units that are coming online in Ontario and Texas 1 this week. We have also procured more S21 units that will be shipped and deployed in Ohio 2 and Texas 1.

Relocation Updates

Indiana 1/2
We will be moving some of the miners to manage the airflow and temperatures on-site. We are currently finalizing the process and will communicate the move to everyone affected.

We are on track with preparations for the upcoming facility relocation on the 29th of April. The miners will be shipped directly to Ohio 2 for redeployment. During the process, we will also provide miner-specific updates using relocation tickets.

Texas 4

We continue to ship and redeploy Texas 4 miners from our service centers to various facilities.

S19 XP units: Miner processing is still ongoing at the DSC. We are promptly shipping all processed miners to the facility for redeployment.

Non-XP units: The miners arrived at the Texas 1 facility last week. Our on-site technicians will inspect and redeploy the units in the coming weeks.