The uptime across all our facilities has improved, as we saw fewer curtailments last week.

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Facility Updates

Nebraska 1: Our facility is experiencing a partial outage, with several racks offline. The on-site support is undergoing a transition at the moment, which is delaying the troubleshooting done on-site. We are actively working to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Ohio 2: Our technicians are currently performing on-site audits to ensure the facility is ready for the upcoming deployment of units from the service centers. Although there was a brief partial outage last weekend due to severe weather conditions, the facility has been operational nearly all week.

Ontario 1: The onsite technicians are busy deploying new units and de-racking some miners to make space for future deployments.

Texas 3: We are currently experiencing a support transition at the facility. Once the transition is complete, work will resume on the backlogs.

Texas 5: The facility's utilization has reached an impressive 94%. We are working hand-in-hand with the on-site team to identify opportunities for further improvement and optimize the facility's performance.

Curtailment & Outage Trends:

Last week, downtime due to curtailment was minimized, with only Manitoba 9, Texas 1, and Texas 5 needing to curtail due to electricity prices. Apart from the ongoing partial outage in Nebraska, no major power outages were reported at our facility. Below is a summary of the downtime and curtailments at our facility last week.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Turnkey Miners

We have a selection of turnkey miners online and ready for immediate deployment across various facilities. Here is a summary of the units we have available on the Compass website:

Future Deployments

Antminer S21: We have more S21 units arriving for deployment in our Ohio and Ontario facilities.

Relocation Updates

Texas 4

Efforts are ongoing to redeploy Texas 4 miners from our service centers to different facilities.

S19 XP units: The service center is still processing the remaining relocation miners. The recently processed miners were redeployed at the Ohio 2 facility.

Non-XP units: We have around 1,100 units pending shipment from the Washington service center. We are currently evaluating available slots at our facilities to redeploy the miners.