Last week, we saw an increase in curtailments largely influenced by electricity costs around our Texas 1, Texas 5 and Minnesota facilities. The rest of our facilities have maintained near 100% uptime.

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Facility Updates

Manitoba 2-9: Extreme weather conditions in the area led to a power outage impacting our facilities, particularly Manitoba 2-9. However, the electricity provider swiftly resolved the issue, restoring operations within a few hours. All facilities are now fully operational.

Ohio 2: The facility maintained site utilization at approximately 99%. Our on-site technicians have diligently organized and optimized available slots at the facility, ensuring sufficient space for new unit deployments and redeployments.

Ontario 1: Our onsite technicians are proactively optimizing airflow and conducting maintenance to address any overheating units as temperatures rise in the area. They are also busy redeploying new miners onsite and sending hash board repair units to our repair partners.

Texas 1: The onsite technicians successfully deployed relocation units last week. We are collaborating with the facility operator to expand the number of available slots for next month.

Texas 5: Last week, Compass technicians visited the facility to help reduce the backlog. As a result, the facility utilization is now up to 93%. We will continue to work with the on-site team to improve performance at the facility.

Curtailment & Outage Trends:

We noticed an increase in curtailments at some of our facilities, mainly due to the high cost of electricity in the area. Our Manitoba site experienced downtime primarily due to a power outage. Here is a recent summary of the downtime and curtailments at our facility last week.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Turnkey Miners

We have a selection of turnkey miners online and ready for immediate deployment across various facilities. Here is a summary of the units we have available on the Compass website:

Future Deployments

Antminer S21: We expect more S21s to arrive in the coming months for deployment as Turnkey miners in our Iowa, Ohio, and Ontario facilities.

Relocation Updates

Texas 4

We are continuing our efforts to relocate Texas 4 miners from our service centers to various facilities. We aim to ensure they can quickly come online and start hashing once they arrive at their respective facility.

S19 XP units: Miners are currently undergoing repairs and testing at the DSC. Furthermore, we are actively redeploying those that have completed processing.

Non-XP units: We are still shipping units as we work towards increasing the number of available slots at our facility to accommodate the redeployment of miners. Over the past week, we have successfully brought approximately 500 units back online.