Compass Mining is pleased to provide the following facility updates for February 14, 2023

Please note the structure used below for all Compass products:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime or general information about one of Compass's partner facilities.
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations.
  • Bundle updates: information on individual bundle deployments or relocations can be found here.

Helpful Links:

  • Your Compass Dashboard for your order information.
  • Compass Status page for real-time updates on facility status.
  • Naming conventions for each facility here.

Facility Updates

Texas 2: Units have been powered off, with each client receiving a temporary unit from the site operator. We expect the transition to last until mid-March.

Texas 3: Oklahoma 2 redeployments, MINI Bundle Unit 5 & 6, LoneStar Bundle 1 & 2, VIP Bundle, R-NA bundle units, M30S++ and S19j Pro singles are all slated to come online at Texas 3.

We currently have ~50 megawatts (MW) or 16,000 units online. Please see the schedule below for additional deployment details per product.

Texas 4: About 100 units were found to have board trouble after on-site inspection. Compass’ operations team is working to address each client's individual needs and will be in touch with repair options as soon as possible.

Oklahoma 2: All units are now online at Texas 3. Please submit a ticket if your unit is not online.

Deployment Updates

Mini Bundle 1: Mini Bundle Unit 5 is complete minus a minority of units soon to come online at Texas 3. Unit 6 deployment has begun and will continue as containers are energized.

LoneStar 1: Deployed minus a minority of units soon to come online at Texas 3. Unit 6 will be energized after Mini Bundle 1 U6 is online.

LoneStar 2: Unit 5 is deployed. Unit 6 is in queue for deployment following Mini Bundle 1 U6 and LoneStar 1 U6.

US and RU VIP: Unit 7 and 9 have been deployed in TX3. Unit 8 was given a free upgrade to an S19J Pro 92TH and have been deployed for all clients opting in to Texas 4.

Next Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Orders: Units are in queue for deployment with target of mid-February through mid-March, depending on order date. Please file a support request if you’d like to go online earlier at Ontario 1 with your Next Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Order.