Compass Mining and CoinShares are pleased to announce the formation of the Pleb Mining Council, a Bitcoin mining community that believes one ASIC will always equal one vote. Neither organization controls the council, they simply conceived of the name and designed some t-shirts.

Bitcoin mining ASICs owned by billionaires secure the network just as well as ASICs run by retail miners. The Pleb Mining Council exists to unite miners around the world who secure the network. The Pleb Council also reminds the Bitcoin mining community that a global committee of tens of thousands of miners secure Bitcoin’s multi-hundred-billion dollar network, not a small assembly of executives with public relations agendas.

“Right now, the Bitcoin network is being protected by nearly 150 exahashes per second of hashrate. This digital fortress has been constructed by Plebs since Bitcoin’s beginning. And it will continue to be secured by Plebs into the future,” said Whit Gibbs, CEO of Compass Mining.

Join the Pleb Mining Council. Visit and register with a valid email address and an active Twitter handle. After signing up, new members can broadcast their membership to the world on Twitter, and they should stay tuned for updates. Also, everyone in the council is equal, so anyone interested in becoming Pleb Mining Council Chairman is simply out of luck.  

Power to the plebs.

With its launch, the Pleb Mining Council has also made available exclusive merchandise. All proceeds from Council shirts will be donated to the  Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin developer fund.

Prospective council members who do not currently own and operate a Bitcoin mining ASIC are invited to visit Compass’ hardware and hosting facility pages to pick a machine and a location where they can start mining now.

Mine bitcoin. Secure the network. Join the council.

Power to the Plebs.