Hashrate Under Management (HUM) is a precise measure for a miner’s contribution to the network’s total hashrate. Mining facilities and mining service providers often make claims on the same hash power, which introduces uncertainties and double counting of real hash power controlled by each entity. HUM offers a more accurate measure of mining capacity.

Who owns what?

Only hashrate coming from machines owned by a given company qualifies as hashrate under their management. Hashrate is ultimately controlled by whichever entity owns the hardware. Mining equipment owned by clients of a hosting company does not quality has HUM of the hosting facility, for example.

Why does it matter?

As its evolution and segmentation continues, the mining industry has grown to include some public companies that, in addition to mining on their own, also offer hosting services for hash power controlled by other companies. HUM for these companies can be confusing, given that their facilities house hashpower that they own and some that they do not.

Mining pools also congregate hashrate as a service for miners who otherwise would solo mine. Mining pool management teams, however, can also own and operate their own machines and facilities as part of the pool. Since pool miners can freely and easily transition their hashpower from one pool to another, however, machines not owned by the pool should be measured as HUM of the pool’s clients, not the pool itself.

View the HUM leaderboard to see current hashrate management information from verified companies.

HUM is ultimately a metric that offers more clarity and transparency for hashrate is under the control of a given entity, which is key for measuring historic growth of a company’s hashpower and anticipating future growth. When miners and mining service providers claim the same hashrate, moreover, the real size of the industry is misrepresented.

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