HASHR8 started in 2019 with the imperative to produce the most trusted and insightful content on a quickly evolving asset class. That asset class was the compute power underpinning the Bitcoin network – hashrate.

The journey thus far has been both eventful and revealing. We have interviewed some of the leading experts in the Bitcoin mining industry, regularly released actionable research and content, and built an enthusiastic community of brand advocates from the ground up.

However, throughout the journey, we always held the vision of releasing a product that would play an important role in how hashrate is procured and managed. In October, that vision became a reality with the launch of the Compass Mining marketplace.

The Compass Mining marketplace eradicated the unfavourable factors facing small-scale and retail miners by allowing them to easily procure hardware and secure hosting space at facilities with the most competitive power prices worldwide. Compass Mining quickly grew to become the focal point of HASHR8 business activities with over $11.4 million in hardware sales being carried out through the platform since its launch.

Initially, HASHR8 and Compass remained separate with distinct websites, content, and even some team members for each. However, this has been confusing for users and has stopped some from accessing the full benefits from each.

As both Compass and HASHR8 continue to grow, it is time for us to bring all of the value of both entities under one brand. The research and content of HASHR8 will consolidate under Compass Mining with users being able to access both the marketplace alongside the information necessary to make optimal mining decisions, all on compassmining.io.

The Compass-HASHR8 consolidation allows us to streamline our business efforts and maximize value for users. Funds can be allocated more strategically and the team and tech can scale more effectively.

What does this mean for you? Firstly, all past and future content will be available on the Compass Mining website. Similarly, our previously split social media presence will be unified under Compass accounts.

We will continue to set the standard when it comes to Bitcoin mining research and content. Moving forward, you can expect even more frequent news and updates from Compass. After recently closing a $1.7 million funding round, we will be hiring more industry experts that share our vision of serving Bitcoin miners.

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