Compass Mining is excited to announce that the first ASICs at our Texas 3 facility are going live this weekend. Following approval from the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the site has cleared the final energy tests with containers beginning to energize, units syncing with mining pools and the first units hashing.

At nearly 15,000 units, Compass Mining’s Texas 3 deployment is our largest to date. Some 75 megawatts (MW)–or about 1.5 EH/s of units–of energy are currently undergoing final testing and networking online. That’s about 0.7% of the entire Bitcoin network’s current hashrate, all at one facility!

Our Texas 3 facility partner has energized both substations, containing six total circuits. Each circuit feeds into multiple 'RK: Mision Critical' containers holding a further 500 machines, or about 2 MW worth of units.

Watch: Building Mining Containers | Jesse Davern | The Compass Podcast

Circuit 1 corresponds to 3,600 Compass Mining client units, or around 11 megawatts (MW) of the deployment.Units on Circuit 1 will begin going online Friday, September 16 and Monday, September 19. Circuit 2 and 3 are targeted for the following week–an additional 5,800 units, or 17 MW. Work on Circuits 4 through 6 continues.

Clients with unit purchases from our Oklahoma 2 relocation, MINI Bundle, Lonestar Bundle 1 and 2, VIP Bundle and S19j Pro singles are going online in chronological order at Texas 3. Compass Mining will send out emails as circuits energize.

Installation of additional ASICs will continue over the next few weeks until the full capacity is online.