Compass Mining, the world's first and largest online marketplace for bitcoin mining hardware, hosting, and reselling, today announced the hiring of Dennis Porter as Executive Producer.

Porter joins Compass Mining following an explosive and dynamic entrance into the Bitcoin media scene in 2021. His podcast, the Dennis Porter Show, and Twitter Spaces have hosted numerous top Bitcoin advocates and thinkers, including Investor’s Podcast Network co-founder Preston Pysh and Block CEO Jack Dorsey.

Porter joins Compass Mining to extend the firm's interests in education, content and interpretation of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining ecosystem. Bitcoin mining continues to be a barrier to entry for the nominal market participant, warranting aggressive and unique adaptations to overcome perceived barriers.

“Everyone should be able to mine Bitcoin,” said Whit Gibbs, CEO of Compass Mining. “Compass is taking proactive steps to educate and inform our clients and the general public about the basics of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining to ensure no one is left behind.”

“Dennis’ breadth of coverage, audience engagement and understanding of the Bitcoin media space aligns perfectly with Compass’ mission to democratize Bitcoin mining. Without Bitcoin education, there would be no Bitcoin.”

Mr. Porter is charged with increasing Compass Mining’s social engagement across multiple mediums, including social media, podcasting and written content. His current show, the Dennis Porter Show, will continue to air in conjunction with other Compass Mining content.