As we enter the fall season, we anticipate that our problems with overheating and curtailment will begin to subside. We are closely monitoring the curtailment incidents, and we’ve noticed that they are decreasing in line with the temperature. Please refer to the summary table below for recent trends in Texas curtailment.

Please note the structure used below for our weekly Compass updates:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime or general information about one of Compass’s partner facilities
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations
  • Relocation updates: updates on miners moving from one Compass Mining facility to another

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Facility Updates

Ohio 2: Our On-site technicians have finished working on the new containers and are now ready to expand capacity at Ohio 2. Our technicians are currently awaiting the shipment of miners to be racked. We expect Texas 4 relocation miners currently at Washington Service Centre to be sent there after they are cleaned and ready for deployment.

Oklahoma: The facility is experiencing a partial outage due to a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) issue. We are now waiting for a new shipment of PDUs from our vendor. The shipment will take about 2-3 weeks.

Ontario 1: Antminers shipped from Newfoundland have been successfully re-deployed in Ontario. The team is now focused on de-racking old-gen Whatsminers, which customers have now retired to make room for newer, more efficient miners. Simultaneously, they continue to optimise the airflow at the facility to mitigate overheating issues.

Texas 1: An extreme weather event has caused a transmission line to go down at the facility, resulting in only half of the miners being operational. Our on-site technicians are in communication with the electricity company to ascertain a timeline for the repair.

Texas Site Curtailments: Since the temperature drop, we have seen a sharp decline in curtailments at our Texas sites. The curtailment data from the last two weeks indicates the following trends:

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

ShortID Rollout

An estimated 97% of our fleet has now been migrated to the shortID naming convention. Our deployment is working through the remaining to ensure all shortIDs have been correctly assigned. If your miner worker name still follows the old naming convention, please let us know, and we'll update it. You can read more about the shortID naming convention here.

Bundle orders

Next Generation Bundles: About 50 XPs have been successfully deployed in the last week. We will continue to deploy additional XPs in small batches as rackspace becomes available to fulfil the pending deployments from the Next Generation Bundle.

Turnkey orders

Antminer S19j Pro+ 120TH: 50 S19j Pro+ units are available as Turnkey miners in Texas 3, and another 25 S19j Pro+ units are available in Ohio 2. The hashrate for turnkey units can be directed to customer pool accounts within 48 hours of purchase.

Whatsminer M50S++: M50S++ units in Minnesota and Nebraska are available on the website for immediate deployment.

S19j Pro: We plan to make more turnkey units available at Ohio 2 & Texas 3. Please keep an eye out for these on our website.

Relocation Updates

North Carolina

We have experienced a slight delay with our North Carolina relocation. The miners will be picked up later this week and shipped directly to our Minnesota facility to minimise downtime. The on-site technicians in Minnesota will perform the necessary cleaning and diagnostics as soon as the shipment arrives.


All units to be relocated from Newfoundland have been deployed at the Ontario facility.

Texas 4

S19 XP units: The DSC still has 350 XPs left for ultrasonic cleaning. About 300 miners remain in the queue for warranty repair. Some customers should see their XPs return online after ultrasonic cleaning and warranty repair at a new facility.

Non-XP units:  The technicians at Texas 4 are continuing to pack up our units for shipping. Only about 1,100 units remain on the racks now. The rest have been palletised for shipping. Out of the miners shipped to the Washington Service Centre in the first batch, about 160 have been sent to facilities for redeployment. These miners should now be visible on customer pool accounts.