Last week, we experienced a few minor curtailments, but all facilities largely remained online without interruption.

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Facility Updates

Nevada: We have decided not to extend our contract with the site operator, and as a result, we will be shutting down operations at the facility on April 27. Compass technicians will be on-site to assist with the relocation.

Ohio 2: Our on-site technicians completed the deployment of recently repaired and a few relocation miners received from the Washington service center last week. The facility experienced an electrical issue affecting 10% of the miners at the facility. This issue is now resolved, and all those miners are back online, hashing to specification.

Texas 3: The onsite team remains dedicated to addressing the onsite diagnostics and repair backlog. To help expedite these ongoing repairs, we will be deploying additional staff to the site later this month.

Texas 5: Bitmain technicians will remain at the facility to address any pending hash board repairs. The site's utilization has increased to 89%, and our team is actively coordinating the diagnosis and approval process for miners requiring repair. Compass technicians will be on site this week to help with the backlog and improve machine utilization at the facility.

Curtailment & Outage Trends:

During the past week, our facilities encountered a few instances of curtailments. With the exception of Minnesota, which experienced multiple 3-hour curtailments, downtime at other facilities was minimal, lasting only 1 hour or less throughout the week.

Here is a summary of facility downtime for the previous week.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Turnkey Miners

We have turnkey miners ready for immediate deployment at some of our facilities. Here is a summary of the units we have available on the Compass website:

Future Deployments

Antminer S21: We are awaiting the arrival of more S21s in the coming months to be deployed Turnkey at our facilities in Iowa, Ohio and Ontario

Relocation Updates


Relocation begins on April 27, 2024. Individual tickets will be created for customers to track each miner’s relocation progress. We look forward to hashing with you at a new location.

Texas 4

We remain committed to our ongoing efforts to transport Texas 4 miners from our service centers to different facilities, ensuring they quickly come online upon arrival at their respective sites.

S19 XP units: Miners are currently undergoing repairs and testing at the DSC. Furthermore, we are actively redeploying those that have completed processing.

Non-XP units: We remain committed to shipping units in small batches as part of our ongoing relocation efforts. Customers will receive communication through relocation tickets as their miners become online.