The weather conditions have been improved, allowing facilities to minimize curtailments and unplanned outages. As a result, we have achieved an uptime close to 100% for the last 14 days.

Please note the structure used below for our weekly Compass updates:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime, or general information about one of Compass’s partner facilities
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations
  • Relocation updates: updates on miners moving from one Compass Mining facility to another

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Facility Updates

Nebraska 1: The facility experienced a planned shutdown for electrical maintenance. A faulty fuse affected a few units during re-energization, which needed additional troubleshooting. The issue has now been resolved, and all units are operational.

Ontario 1: Despite challenges posed by the winter storm, the team at the site continues to focus on the repair of miners on site. As a result, the facility has maintained a utilization of 96%, showing steady improvement.

Minnesota 1: A part of the facility experienced a brief outage for essential structural maintenance. The facility is back to its full operational capacity, utilizing 98.5% of miners on site.

Texas 3: Our on-site technicians have been hard at work, ensuring that the relocated miners are back online and preparing the shipment of approved units for repair offsite. All Oklahoma 1 miners are now online at Texas 3. Additionally, we are collaborating with the onsite team to tackle the facility's backlog of units awaiting diagnostics and repair.

Texas 5: We continue coordinating with onsite technicians, proactively identifying miners with issues, swiftly diagnosing them, and either bringing them back online or progressing them to the repair queue.

Curtailment incidents at all facilities have decreased as weather conditions improve in North America. The summary below provides an overview of curtailment and downtime activities across all our facilities in the past two weeks.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Turnkey orders

Whatsminer M50S++: M50S++ units are available for immediate deployment in Minnesota through our website.

Whatsminer M50S: We have M50S units for sale in Minnesota through our Compass Marketplace.

Future Deployments

Antminer S19 S19k Pro: We have acquired additional units that will come online mid-March. Customers with online dates before March will have temporary units deployed until the new miners are deployed.

Antminer S21: Units have been secured and will go online around mid-March. Customers will receive communication on the new online date, and temporary units will be deployed until the new miners are fully operational.

Relocation Updates

Oklahoma 1

Redeployment at the Texas 3 facility is complete. Please contact support if your Oklahoma 1 relocation miner is still offline.

Texas 4

Given that most of the Texas 4 units have been processed at the service centers, our main priority is to facilitate shipping and redeploy all miners in the upcoming weeks,

S19 XP units: Some miners are still being repaired and tested at DSC. However, those scheduled for redeployment are moving steadily to different facilities as planned.

Non-XP units: We currently have approximately 1800 units ready for redeployment. Units will continue to be shipped out in small batches as we re-evaluate the slots available at various sites.