Dealing with the intense summer heat and daily energy curtailments has been a real challenge for facilities. If you want to learn more about summer curtailments, you can find more information here: What experts are saying about energy markets this summer.

Please note the structure used below for our weekly Compass updates:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime or general information about one of Compass’s partner facilities
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations
  • Relocation updates: updates on miners moving from one Compass Mining facility to another

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Facility Updates

Indiana 1 & 2: All the Indiana 2 XPs slated for relocation have now been redeployed at Indiana 1. Our technicians will inspect the miners currently offline, and if any repairs are needed, we will contact the customers with the diagnosis and a repair quote if applicable.

Ohio 2: The facility has recently experienced some instability due to an electrical issue. Our technicians have also temporarily moved all affected miners to the new container while they wait for the faulty breaker to be checked and repaired by the electricians. Additionally, our on-site technicians have been hard at work preparing the two new containers for deployment, which are almost ready.

Ontario 1: The facility is preparing to deploy miners over the following weeks. They already have a batch of new miners on site, ready to be racked. In addition, they are also working on optimizing the ventilation system to manage the heat issues.

Texas 3:  About 70 Antminer S19j Pro+ 120TH units have arrived at the facility and will soon be available as Turnkey units on our website. All Turnkey units are deployed to customer pool accounts within 48 hours after purchase.

Texas 4: Only about 2,500 units remain on the racks. The rest have been shipped out or palletised, awaiting pickup. On-site technicians remain occupied with site refurbishments in the inactive areas of the facility.

Texas Site Curtailments: Our Texas sites continue to have daily power curtailment events to cope with high grid demand. The curtailment data from the last two weeks suggests the following trends:

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Bundle orders

Next Generation Bundles: We only have ~300 more XPs to be deployed for the Next Generation XP Bundle. We are awaiting the next shipment of machines. These machines are expected to be deployed at Ohio 2 or Texas 3.

VIP, MINI, LONE Bundles: All units for these bundles have been deployed!

Single unit orders

S19j Pro: All orders in this category have been deployed, ~50 of which are still on temp miners awaiting deployment of their permanent miner in Ontario.

S19 XP: 86 more machines deployed in Ohio 2 last week.

Turnkey orders

Antminer S19j Pro+ 120TH: 54 units were deployed at Ohio 2 and listed on the website as turnkey units. We have received 10 S19j Pro+ orders since the listing went up, and all of them have been deployed to customer pool accounts within 24 hours of purchase. Another batch of 70 S19j Pro+ units has arrived at Texas 3. Once they are racked and ready for deployment, they will be listed as turnkey units on the website.

Whatsminer M50++: 50 M50++ units have been racked across Minnesota and Nebraska. All 50 are available for purchase on the website as turnkey units so that the hashrate can be directed to customer pool accounts within 48 hours of purchase.

S19j Pro: We plan to make more turnkey units available at Ohio 2 & Texas 3. Please keep an eye out for these on our website.

ShortID Rollout

Our deployment team has also been working on the shortID project, which aims to simplify miner tracking for our customers. The new worker naming convention will eliminate the difficulty in matching miners on the customer pool account dashboard to those on the Compass Mining Dashboard. The shortID value used for the new worker names will be a unique value that ties your miner worker name to the Compass MinerID associated with your purchase. Please refer to our article for more information on the shortID naming convention.

The shortID rollout has been completed for North Carolina, Texas 3, Nevada, Texas 1, Ontario, and Manitoba 2-9. Next in line is Minnesota, and we aim to complete the rollout for all remaining sites in the next two weeks.

Relocation Updates

Texas 4

S19 XP units: This week, a batch of 100 warranty-repaired Antminer XPs have been shipped for redeployment. Another 200 units have undergone repair and are waiting to be re-tested. Currently, there are approximately 300 units in the queue for warranty repair. Bringing down the count of XPs pending ultrasonic cleaning and testing at the DSC to less than 350.

Non-XP units:  Only about 2,500 units remain on the racks. The rest have been shipped out or palletised, awaiting pickup.


All units have been boxed and palletised for shipping. The pick-up is scheduled for later this week. Given the remote location of this facility, the shipment is expected to take 2-3 weeks to arrive in Ontario.

South Carolina

The final batch of Whatsminers from the South Carolina relocation has now been shipped to Minnesota for redeployment. These units are expected to be back online soon.