Compass Mining, the world’s first and largest online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, today announced the energization of its newest site, Ohio 2, in a new hosting deal with Arthur Mining.

Compass Mining was the first to open the doors to retail exposure in Bitcoin mining through its direct purchase and hosting packages. Compass Mining’s newest site pairs industry-leading hosting provider Arthur Mining with Compass Mining’s own operations team in order to deliver high machine uptime and facility performance.

“We are very excited to work with Compass on this new expansion project. It’s a great opportunity to exchange resources and knowledge together for the benefit of the end miner," Arthur Mining President Rudá Pellini said in a statement.

“We are pleased to work with Arthur Mining, one of the Bitcoin mining industry’s best emerging hosting providers,” Thomas Heller, co-CEO and Chief Mining Officer at Compass Mining, said in a statement. “The site’s size, location and management are the profile of hosting provider Compass seeks to offer its clients.”

At 20 megawatts in size, Ohio 2 is fueled by a grid mix of hydro and natural gas power. Machines are hosted in industry-leading RK Mission Critical ‘Disruptor 2000’ containers, the standard for containerized hosting management. The site will be the first co-operated by the Compass Mining facility and operations team directly.