Compass Mining, the world's first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, announces Wednesday May 12, 2021, its purchase agreement with MicroBT for a guaranteed allocation of the latest Whatsminer machines. Starting in June, Compass will receive monthly shipments of new generation Whatsminer ASICs for an eight-month period ending in December.

"Making competitively priced ASICs available to Compass Miners is our top priority. We're excited to work with MicroBT to offer our clients a steady stream of powerful and efficient machines," said Thomas Heller, co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Compass Mining.

Staying true to its commitment to offer everyone easy ASIC procurement and deployment, Compass will reserve this monthly allocation of MicroBT machines for retail miners. Through its agreement with MicroBT, Compass has secured guaranteed shipments of more machines for its clients even as competition among other miners to acquire new ASICs remains fierce.

"MicroBT is proud to supply Compass with regular shipments of our machines. Compass Mining is an important strategic partner for us in supplying efficient ASICs to retail miners," said Vincent Zhang, Sales Director of MicroBT.

Bitcoin Miners are experiencing an extended period of extreme profitability and Compass Mining is focused on allowing retail miners to share the prosperity previously only available to industrial-scale Bitcoin Miners.

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