Success as a business is a wonderful thing.  It allows you all kinds of fun opportunities, such as the ability to hire more cool staff members and to host networking events around the globe.  Over the past few months, we have realized success also affords us the opportunity to help organizations that are meaningful to our team and our users.  

We are launching Compass Gives Back – a monthly charitable donation to a worthy organization.  Every month moving forward, Compass Mining will donate $25,000 to a different charity suggested by our team that works to make real change in people’s lives.

The first Compass Gives Back $25,000 recipient is The Izak Szymczak Fund for Heart Research.  The Szymczak family established this organization to raise funds for congenital heart defect (CHD) research specifically for HLHS, and which allows the family to direct research funds to peer-reviewed research projects of their choice through The Children’s Heart Foundation.

Jen Szymczak, our HR director, describes the experience no parent wants to go through:

“Izak was born on July 16, 2018. It was a normal pregnancy and everything to our knowledge was great. When Izak was born, there was still no concern, not until day two of life when they took Izak back for his 24-hour assessment. A wonderful doctor told me that he heard a heart murmur on Izak.

Fast forward an hour later, now in the NICU, this same doctor told us that our baby had a bum heart and confirmed that his diagnosis was a complex CHD called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). That same evening, we were transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital - our new second home. Within five days of being in the cardiac intensive care unit, Izak was scheduled for his first heart at just 5 days old.”

Izak’s mom, Jen, is a vital part of our team.  Our success has allowed us to contribute to The Izak Szymczak Fund for Heart Research.  We know how much compassion and caring there is in the bitcoin community, we want to invite you to join us as Compass Gives Back.  You can join us in contributing to the The Izak Szymczak Fund here.