• Compass joins only two other mining companies that directly support Bitcoin development.
  • Compass will support Jon Atack through the Human Rights Foundation.

Compass Mining, the world's first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, today announced that it has committed to support Bitcoin Core developer Jon Atack with a one-year donation of $80,000 through the Human Rights Foundation (HRF).

Jon became an active Bitcoin Core contributor in March 2019, almost one year before Compass’ founding. Following a grant given by Strike in June, Compass’ donation ensures Jon’s ability to continue his critical work of contributing to Bitcoin.

Since he began contributing to Bitcoin, Jon has become not only one of its most prolific code authors. He also serves in the critical role of reviewing code, discovering bugs, and testing fixes for a wide range of areas that support Bitcoin’s protocol-level development. In November 2019, Jon officially joined the Bitcoin Core developer team.

With this donation, Compass becomes one of only three cryptocurrency mining companies that directly finance Bitcoin development, along with Braiins and Marathon Digital Holdings. In the past, Antminer has also supported Bitcoin Core developers.

“As the largest and fastest growing retail-focused bitcoin mining company, we believe it’s essential for Compass to support the development of the protocol our entire industry is built on,” said Whit Gibbs, CEO of Compass. “Without contributors like Jon, the speed and quality of Bitcoin’s development would noticeably suffer. Our entire team is excited to build a relationship with Jon and support his important work.”

Compass’ support was facilitated by the HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund, a non-profit initiative supporting software developers working to make Bitcoin a better tool for individual financial freedom. To learn more or donate to bitcoin developers via HRF, visit their website.

“HRF is delighted to work with Compass to support Jon and Bitcoin Core. Jon has been a vital contributor to the world’s open source money project and we look forward to helping make his work possible this year,” said Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer at HRF.