New information on Intel’s ASIC aspirations caused a stir among Bitcoin miners and tech enthusiasts alike last week.

Dubbed the Bonanza Mine 2 (BMZ2), Intel’s machine edges Bitmain’s S19 Pro at half the price, according to SEC filings from Bitcoin mining firm GRIID and first reported by Hashrate Index.

Bitmain’s two bleeding edge miners – the S19 XP and S19 Pro+ Hydro – and Intel’s BMZ2 are all nearing market around similar dates. Each ASIC brings a different competitive advantage, expanding the breath of machine options available for mining firms. We compare each piece of hardware below.

Intel’s 2nd Gen ASIC

Intel claims the BMZ2 is 15% more efficient at half the cost of the S19j Pro, according to GRIID's allocation agreement.

  • 135 TH/s at 26 W/T against the S19’s 110 TH/s and 30 W/T.
  • GRIID’s allocation agreement sits at $5,625 per miner, compared to the S19j Pro’s $10,000 price tag (prices vary on market conditions).
  • Distributors and preferred buyers usually receive discount costs, especially for bulk orders.
  • The S19 series debuted for under $2,500 in 2020.

Compared to other miners, Intel’s ASIC comes in second place behind the forthcoming Antminer S19 XP in terms of efficiency at 26 J/TH and 21.5 J/TH, respectively, according to Tom’s Hardware.

Source: Tom's Hardware

Interestingly, GRIID also cites Intel as a “top-tier US manufacturer minimizing supply chain issues.” The Intel machine could therefore have speed to Western markets that many other manufacturers don't by skirting global logistical challenges. It's important to note that Intel will likely be assembling the machine in the US, while parts could come from multiple countries, according to documents.

Bitmain S19 Pro+ hydro

Rocking a 7 nanometer chip, the Bitmain S19 Pro+ Hydro isn't mentioned in Tom Hardware’s comparison chart. Still, it rivals the Intel Bonanza and S19 XP with an efficiency of 28 J/TH and 198 TH/s. Unfortunately, the Hydro requires additional equipment such as the Antspace HK3. Shipments will start May 2022.

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Bitmain S19XP

The first ASIC design with a 5 nm chip, the S19XP was first announced in November 2021. Operating at over 150 TH/s and 21/5 J/TH, the S19XP reclaimed the top terahash crown from rival MicroBT’s Whatsminer M30S++ at only 112 TH/S. Production will begin in July 2022.

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Closing thoughts

Intel’s entrance into the ASIC market makes it clear no player is safe from competition, regardless of the S19 XP or Hydro’s slight edge on the BMZ2. Readers should be cognizant of advances in cooling technologies, promised reductions in chip size and even undiscussed inputs such as firmware as the battle for TH heats up.

Image: Tom's Hardware.