Tens of thousands of bitcoiners took Miami by storm last week for what was possibly the largest Bitcoin conference ever. Some of Bitcoin’s best spokespersons took the mainstage, including representatives from top Bitcoin mining firms like Poolin, Galaxy Digital and Compass Mining.

Here are the Compass team’s top four picks for the best talks at the conference.

1. Mining as a Public Company: For a panel of hot takes on ESG and Bitcoin mining, watch CEOs of several publicly traded mining companies talk about the industry with Kevin O’Leary. Hive CEO Frank Holmes, Riot CEO Jason Les, and Marathon CEO Fred Thiel discuss the business dynamics of public mining companies and the emergence of environmental concerns from mining.

Mining as a Public Company

2. How Bitcoin Can Stimulate the Green Energy Transition: The debate over what energy sources bitcoin miners use is more heated than ever. Some bitcoin advocates claim that the development of cheap renewable energy is incentivized by bitcoin mining. Steve Lee of Square and Aaron van Wirdum of Bitcoin Magazine sit down to discuss this idea.

How Bitcoin Can Stimulate the Green Energy Transition

3. Bringing Bitcoin Innovation Home to America: Governments around the world continue grappling with understanding how to regulate various sectors in the Bitcoin industry. In the United States, a handful of policymakers are keen to offer strong incentives for cryptocurrency innovators to call America home. This panel talks about bringing innovation to the US with two congresspersons.

Bringing Bitcoin Innovation Home to America

4. One Small Step for Bitcoin, One Giant Leap for Mankind: Strike Founder Jack Mallers delivered a special announcement of what could be the biggest news for Bitcoin all year. Mallers introduced El Salvador President Nayib Bukele to Bitcoin after spending months living in El Salvador and introducing hundreds of unbanked citizens to his Bitcoin payments app built on Visa. Now President Bukele is pushing a bill forward for the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

One Small Step for Bitcoin, One Giant Leap for Mankind

Did you miss the conference? Compass produced a summary video of the entire conference embedded below.

What you missed at Bitcoin 2021