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Our Bitcoin mining site accelerator program, Accelerated by Compass, is designed to help every stage of Bitcoin mining site startup, grow and succeed. Working exclusively with just six sites per quarterly cohort, we select the sites we can bring the most value to. Sites we do not choose to Accelerate can still partner with us through a number of services.

Take the first step and submit this basic information, then we conduct an extensive interview where we learn specific details, build a proforma and provide you with direct and significant feedback about how we can help. Our comprehensive initiative offers a tailored approach to refine your business and enhance your Bitcoin mining site development efforts.

We are happy to help all experience levels.

Where is your facility located? (State preferred)

Please describe rates and structures in place.

Our goal is to give every accelerator application an extensive evaluation, including real feedback on what we see you’ll need to be successful, as well as if and how we can help.

Have additional questions?

Connect with our team of specialists, including Shanon and Curtis, and let us guide you on your Bitcoin mining path. Email [email protected] to engage with our dedicated professionals.

Shanon Squires

Director of Operations and Procurement

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