Whether you’re looking to start mining or interested in selling machines to other miners, Compass offers a marketplace for both types of miners.

Buying an ASIC

Under the Hardware tab on the Compass homepage’s navigation bar, a variety of ASIC miners, including Whatsminers and Antminers, are available for purchase. Pricing, hashrate, efficiency, and order size limitations are listed.

After buying a machine, Compass miners have full control and ownership of their hardware. They can use third-party insurance, opt to join a mining pool, and select which facility they want their miner to operate in.

Contact the Compass sales team for more information.

Selling an ASIC

Compass welcomes all parties interested in selling ASICs to reach out for pricing inquiries. Compass will consider all serious offers to sell mining hardware regardless of whether or not the seller is currently a Compass miner. For help and more information on selling mining hardware through Compass, please contact the Compass sales team.

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