Today’s Bitcoin miners come in many shapes and sizes, but the core components of any machine remain the same. Here's a look inside a popular model.

MicroBT's WhatsMiner M32.

The WhatsMiner M32 is part of MicroBT's M30 family of next generation ASIC miner released in December 2019. The M32 operates within a 5% range of 66 TH/s with a power consumption of 50W/T, according to MicroBT.

The control panel connects to the control board, power supply unit and hashboards. A 240 V input, ethernet plugin, IP reset and front fan are located here along with a manual reset button.
Control panel, PSU connection and hashboard connection.
The power supply unit (psu) powers both 12 V fans, control board and hashboards through a 16 A cord.
Disassembled rear fan with the three ASIC hash boards (green) encased in aluminum heat sinks. Each hashboard is composed of 148 8nm ASIC chips secured by 26 screws and thermal glue.
A disassembled WhatsMiner M32 including the aluminum carriage, three hashboards, two fans with brackets and power block.