Bitcoin's current bull market cycle has been met by a massive surge of interest in at-home mining by retail investors. Do-it-yourself mining can be challenging and intimidating. But this livestream walks through advice for new miners and the details of five (5) different at-home setups from experienced miners.

This livestream is essential educational material for any miners who want to build a small at-home mining operation, test immersion mining setups at home, or simply understand the basics of starting to mine their own bitcoin.

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Introductions (timestamp)

  • Eric: Works with electricians closely as a railroad machinist. He round bitcoin through reading some material his brother was into. They wanted to do more than just buy bitcoin, so they started mining.
  • Missaghi: Works as a software developer and became interested in bitcoin. Started mining to heat his basement and then office. Scaled heavily into mining hardware in 2021 to expand his home setup.
  • Bob: A shadowy super coder at Voltage, a bitcoin infrastructure company. He found bitcoin in 2013 through college studies, but he really took it seriously in 2017 through career work. Started exploring mining in 2018 and turned his ASICs on in 2021.
  • Cali: Heard about bitcoin early on but didn’t really take it seriously. In 2017, he fell down the rabbit hole big time, but just buying bitcoin wasn’t enough. Started mining off and on ever since.
  • Econoalchemist: Also works in the railroad industry, and started playing with bitcoin trading in 2018. After he started realizing the problems bitcoin solved about censorship, financial custody, and general control, he became obsessed. Mining is a great way to DCA into bitcoin without KYC.

Advice you with you had when you started mining (timestamp)

  • Econoalchemist: Be careful about getting scammed in the hardware market.
  • Cali: Location in your house is key. Heat is also important—what are you going to do with it? Don’t burn your house down.
  • Missaghi: Don’t let your miners turn off. Missed revenue hurts. Also, filter your air. It saves hardware.
  • Bob: Clean machines before turning them on. And ask questions of the community if you want to learn something.
  • Eric: Noise levels vary a lot between different types of machines. Also, figuring our the electricity draw can be tricky sometimes.

Bob explains his at-home setup (timestamp)

Missaghi explains his at-home setup (timestamp)

Eric explains his at-home setup (timestamp)

Cali explains his at-home setup (timestamp)

Econoalchemist explains his at-home setup (timestamp)

Hosted by Zack Voell and Will Foxley