Compass Mining, the world's first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, announces today its order tracking feature for all miners to receive live updates on the status of their mining orders. From the time a user completes an order on the Compass website until the machine is hashing in a Compass facility, each step of the order’s progress can be monitored by the Compass customer.

Each order progresses through four stages, which are highlighted on the order tracker: pending; in transit; at facility; and completed. The order tracker also shows details of each order, including reservation IDs, order quantity, and estimated online date.

“We want every step of the Compass Mining process to be as transparent and accessible as possible to all of our miners. The order tracker is a key step toward this goal by allowing miners to monitor their machines from the moment they make a purchase until their ASIC is installed and hashing,” said Adam Gitz, Director of Product and Analytics at Compass.

The Compass order tracker is live now. Miners can view their order statuses by clicking Order Tracker in their account dashboard.