In March, Foundry’s bitcoin mining pool opened for business. In the interim few months, the pool's growth has been remarkable, rocketed into the top 10 rankings of pools globally with approximately 5% of the network’s total hashrate.  

Since late 2020, Foundry’s pool had been mining in a beta phase. Here’s a quick overview of Foundry’s growth during the past several months.

Since its inception, Foundry’s pool has set new records every month for the total number of blocks mined. Foundry’s pool has already mined roughly 130 blocks this month, according to data from In this data, it shows the average percentage growth rate of Foundry’s blocks mined per month in 2021 is approximately 45%, although some of the data excludes a few of Foundry’s earliest blocks.

With more blocks come more block rewards, and Foundry has certainly increased the frequency of its block reward claiming. Already this month Foundry has earned more than 870 BTC in mining rewards, up nearly 30% from April.

Blocks and block rewards aren’t the only things Foundry is stockpiling. Since ending its beta phase, Foundry’s pool has added an impressive roster of clients, and there are no signs that its membership is finished growing. New members include:

Beyond even the simple growth of its hashrate, Foundry serves as one of a few important figureheads pushing forward the switch to mine in Asia versus in the United States. Many miners see Foundry as a key force for asserting North America’s hashrate dominance.