Compass Mining is pleased to provide the following facility updates for March 13, 2023

Please note the structure used below for all Compass products:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime or general information about one of Compass’s partner facilities.
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations.

Helpful Links:

  • Your Compass Dashboard for your order information.
  • Compass Status page for real-time updates on facility status.
  • Naming conventions for each facility here.

Facility Updates

Texas 3: Oklahoma 2 redeployments, MINI Bundle Unit 5 & 6, Lonestar Bundle 1 & 2, VIP Bundle, R-NA bundle units, M30S++ and S19j Pro singles are all slated to come online at Texas 3.

About 53 MW are online of the final 60 MW. We continue to wait for further energization of remaining containers for full site deployment. Please refer to the deployment updates below for more information on your specific product.

Texas 4: About 400 units are offline due to needed repairs, including about 100 S19 XP units. Bitmain and our on-site team are actively repairing units on-site. We expect all units to be repaired within six to eight weeks based on our current repair queue.

About 50 units have been repaired to date. Please expect individual communication on board repairs.

Please refer to this recently published report on S19 XPs for further information on the repair issue.

Manitoba 1: Units are moving to Manitoba 6 or Manitoba 9 after the decision to wind down operations at Manitoba 1. We expect units to be back online by early April.

Minnesota 1: The main breaker on one container has failed. All clients have been contacted via email. We continue to look for a replacement unit to get units back online.

South Carolina 2: We have begun winding down operations at our South Carolina 2 partner facility. Units are being inspected before shipment to either the Denver Service Center for diagnosis or redeployment to one of our Texas facilities.

Deployment Updates

Mini Bundle 1: Mini Bundle Unit 5 is complete minus a small minority of 3 units soon to come online at Texas 3. Unit 6 deployment is 53% complete and will continue as containers are energized in Texas 3.

LoneStar 1: Unit 6 is 99% deployed with the remaining few customers awaiting the correct model type.

LoneStar 2: Unit 5 is 97% deployed with the remaining 3% awaiting for the correct model type. Unit 6 is in queue for deployment following Mini Bundle 1 U6.

US-VIP: Unit 7 and 9 have been deployed in Texas 3. Clients were offered a free upgrade for Unit 8 to an S19J Pro 92TH for all clients who agree to hosting in Texas 4. Units 10 is 91% deployed, and 11-12 will be deployed in Texas 3 once additional containers are energized.

RU-VIP: Unit 8 has been deployed in Texas 3. Unit 10 is now 70% deployed. Units 10-12 will be deployed in Texas 3 once additional containers are energized.

Next Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Orders: Units are in queue for deployment in Texas 3. Please file a support request if you’d like to go online earlier at Ontario 1 or a Manitoba site with your Next Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Order at a hosting rate of $0.079. We continue to wait on additional hosting capacity at Texas 3 to place these units online.

KA3: All December, January and February orders of KA 3 are online at Ontario 1. We continue to wait for units with a March online date to be delivered from Bitmain.

We are seeing higher failure rates (dead on arrival) units once deployed to the facilities. We are working with the facilities to hard reboot these units or send them back to Bitmain for replacement if necessary.

L7: Some January L7’s online dates are now online. A few are needing servicing after being found defective from the manufacturer. Please expect a ticket from our team if your unit was affected. All February and later online dates for L7s are awaiting word from Bitmain for delivery.

Texas 4 S19j Pro 100: Batch is 80% deployed. Remaining units will be deployed once energized.

Ontario S19j Pro 100: Customers were assigned temps, worker names starting with “ttx.” These units will hash to customers until their permanent unit is available. Email communications will be received for both the temp assignment and the permanent unit assignment.