Compass Mining's operations team completed the Bitmain Advanced Certification Course on Friday, July 29 and Friday, August 26. The program–designed and ran by the largest Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer in partnership with mining firm Bit49– teaches advanced hashboard diagnosis and repair.

The training course enables Compass Mining's decentralized operations team to identify, diagnosis and issue repair instructions to partner facilities. Compass Mining operations members will also be able to perform in person repairs to get client units back online and hashing.

The Compass Mining operations team. 

"This certification will allow Compass Operations members to access Bitmain engineering documents to aid troubleshooting as well as order parts and components directly from Bitmain,"  Compass Mining Operations Manager David Campos said. "We now have knowledge of ASIC miners that we couldn’t have dreamed of having before. We are able to confidently speak on how Bitmain miners work down to the circuit level."

A hashboard under repair.

Additionally, the course enables Compass Mining to begin diagnosis and repair of client units in house, through our new Denver, Colorado repair and logistics hub. The facility officially opened on Monday, August 4 with unit diagnosis and repair.

"Compass Mining is proud to work with the industry's best manufacturers and repair facilities on behalf of our clients," Compass Mining founder and co-interim CEO Thomas Heller said. "ASIC diagnosis and repair remains a key industry wide bottleneck–one we aim to fix by bringing the process in house."