Last week, we achieved a 98.64% uptime as maintenance and curtailments were conducted at the facilities. See the chart below for details.

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Facility Updates

Ohio 2: The on-site technicians were busy deploying new S21 units that have arrived in the facility. They are also working on an ongoing site expansion to increase the facility’s capacity. Furthermore, the onsite technicians also cleaned and maintained one of the containers at the site to address overheating issues.

Minnesota 1: The facility has completed all the container upgrades, making it more capable of housing different models of miners on-site and increasing its capacity to host more miners. Last week, the on-site technicians cleared around 130 slots for new deployments, which were also completed the same week.

Texas 1: The onsite technicians have begun inspecting and deploying the relocation miners on-site.

Texas 3:  The facility conducted a three-day circuit maintenance, temporarily shutting down a portion of the site for a few hours. The onsite technicians were able to restore affected miners once they completed the maintenance.

Curtailments & Outages:

We have Texas 3, which experienced downtime mainly due to on-site maintenance. Other sites, such as Iowa 2, Manitoba 5, Minnesota 1, and Texas 1 and 5, continue to undergo their weekly curtailments. Please refer to the table below for the breakdown of the downtime for each facility.

Deployment Updates

Please submit a ticket request if you have any questions or concerns.

Future Deployments

Antminer S21: Last week, we successfully deployed S21 units in Texas 1, Ontario, and Ohio 2. Additional units will come online in the coming weeks.

Relocation Updates

Indiana (Partial Relocation)

The miners have arrived at Texas 1. The on-site technicians will begin inspecting and deploying the miners this week.


The miners arrived in Texas last week, and their relocation has already commenced. Once they are back online and operational, customers will start receiving updates soon regarding their miners' successful relocation.