Compass Mining is pleased to provide the following facility updates for July 9, 2022.

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For ease of use, we are restructuring this blog. Please note the term differences below:

  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations.
  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime, or general information about one of Compass's partner facilities.
  • Compass requests: Compass requests to customers for deployment information such as pool information.
  • Bundle updates: information on individual bundle deployments or re-locations can be found here.

As a note, Compass breaks down units between both locations and bundles. Please check your Compass Dashboard if you are unsure about your purchase. Please also utilize our Compass Status page for real-time updates on facility status!

Manitoba 3

Deployment Updates

Missouri: Deployments in Missouri are complete.

Minnesota: The modular mining containers are assembled. Over 1,000 S19j Pro’s have arrived on-site. Units will begin being racked on July 1 through the first two weeks. The target deployment date for all of these units is by July 15.

Manitoba 6: Electrical work and the networking is complete. Manitoba 3 units that were relocated to Manitoba 6 are online and hashing. Units are due to arrive in Manitoba 6 by early next week, and units are expected to begin coming online over the next seven days.

Manitoba 7: This site is hashing at capacity, and all MINI Bundle customers who opted to be hosted in Manitoba are now online and hashing. Any of our customers that chose the “first available facility” will be brought online over the next week in the Manitoba 6 facility.


Facility Updates

Quebec: Mining hardware has been successfully delivered and inventoried in Ontario. We have racked all miners. The Quebec facility was using a static IP on all the units, so we are in the process of turning everything back to DHCP and reloading pool configurations. This process will be done quickly, but there may be a few units that take longer than others to do the manual resets that are needed. 95% of Quebec miners are deployed.

Texas 1: Due to the downtime experienced in the Texas 1 facility, customers have the option to have their units moved to the Georgia 2 facility, which has the available capacity to host all of these units. Compass has more than 15 MW of units successfully running in Georgia 2. Texas 1 customers have the option of having their units relocated to the Georgia 2 site or waiting until Texas is fully stabilized. Please check your email if you have miners in the Texas 1 facility and respond promptly.

Compass Requests

Texas 2: The M30S deployment has been completed. Units are online and hashing. Please provide pool info via your dashboard if you have not already.


Bundle Updates

MINI Bundle (Unit 4): Unit 3 is hashing. Unit 4 will be deployed across three sites: Minnesota 1 and Manitoba 6/7. Units will be deployed based on the order date, customer facility election, and the first available space. The units have fully arrived in Minnesota and partially arrived in Manitoba 6. The mining containers have arrived in Manitoba, and electrical work is being completed. All MINI Bundle units deployed to Manitoba 7 are online. Mining containers have arrived in Minnesota as well, with an estimated online date of July 15 for all units.

US VIP Bundle: Unit 6 is hashing in Missouri. Unit 7 and 8 will be deployed in Texas 3 with estimated online dates of August 15.

R-NA VIP Bundle: Unit 4 and Unit 5 deployments were completed in Missouri and South Carolina. If your RU VIP units are not online, please check your Compass email and ensure that you agree to be hosted in North America. Once you have agreed, you will be deployed once more capacity is available.

Any customers who agreed to the North American Agreement and are not yet online will have the choice to be deployed in Manitoba 6 or Minnesota with an estimated online date of July 15. Unit 6 and 7 will be hosted in Texas 3 as well, with estimated online dates of August 15 for both deployments. Unit 8 has a revised estimated online date of August 30, and Unit 9 has a revised estimated online date of September 22. Our team is hopeful that we will be able to meet the original estimated online dates for Units 10-12.

LONE 1: Unit 4 has been deployed. A subset of customers were brought online in Missouri to get all units online as quickly as possible. An email will be sent out to customers who are deployed in Missouri, and customers objecting to being online in Missouri can opt to wait for deployment in a Texas facility. Customers can view the historical uptime of our facilities on the Compass Facility Status Page. If customers would like to be deployed in Texas, the estimated online date is August 15.

S19j Pro (April and May Nebraska): The deployment is complete, except for customers that have not provided pool information in their dashboard. If your units are not deployed, please provide your pool information through the Compass Dashboard. If you have provided pool information and are still not online, please contact support.

LONE 2 Bundle: This is the second LONE Bundle. Unit 1 is fully deployed. If your unit is not online, please provide your pool information in your Compass dashboard. Unit 2 is expected to be online by July 25 at the Georgia 2 facility.

For previous deployments, please submit a ticket via the support site: Support Ticket

If you don't see your ASIC online, please include the Facility, Pool Info, and Reservation ID in your request.

As always, we are committed to service and support excellence. If we can answer any questions, our customer support is available 24/7:

Phone: +1 (888) 871-3071

Submit a request: Support