Compass Mining is pleased to provide the following facility updates for February 7, 2023

Please note the structure used below for all Compass products:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime or general information about one of Compass's partner facilities.
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations.

Helpful Links:

  • Your Compass Dashboard for your order information.
  • Compass Status page for real-time updates on facility status.
  • Naming conventions for each facility here.

Facility Updates

Texas 3: Oklahoma 2 redeployments, MINI Bundle Unit 5 & 6, Lonestar Bundle 1 & 2, VIP Bundle, R-NA bundle units, M30S++ and S19j Pro singles are all slated to come online at Texas 3.

We currently have ~48 megawatts (MW) of units online. The on-site team is still working to bring on the remaining 12 MW of units, in addition to support for troubleshooting units that did not go online correctly. We continue to configure units at Texas 3 to client pools.

Please follow this status page for Texas 3-related updates. We plan on sending group email updates as units go online.

Texas 2: We have begun removal of units from Texas 2, following the site’s sale, to Texas 3. The site operator has placed units on temporary units during the transition, expected to last until early March.

Oklahoma 2: All units are now online at Texas 3. Please submit a ticket if your unit is not online.

Deployment Updates

Mini Bundle 1: Mini Bundle Unit 5 is complete minus a minority of units soon to come online at Texas 3. Unit 6 deployment has begun and will continue as containers are energized.

LoneStar 1: Deployed minus a minority of units soon to come online at Texas 3.

LoneStar 2: Unit 5 is deployed. Unit 6 is in queue for deployment.

US and R-NA VIP Units: Units 7 and 9 have been deployed in Texas 3. Unit 8 was given a free upgrade to an S19J Pro 92TH, depending on client preference.

Next Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Orders: Units are in queue for deployment with target of mid-February through mid-March, depending on order date. Please file a support request if you’d like to go online earlier at Ontario 1 with your Next-Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Order.