Compass Mining is pleased to provide the following facility updates for April 24, 2023

Please note the structure used below for all Compass products:

  • Facility updates: updates on any facility changes, including moving miners between locations, downtime or general information about one of Compass’s partner facilities.
  • Deployment updates: updates on current deployments from manufacturers to Compass hosting locations.

Helpful Links:

  • Your Compass Dashboard for your order information.
  • Compass Status page for real-time updates on facility status.
  • Naming conventions for each facility here.

Facility Updates

Ohio 2: Work on Ohio 2 continues, with an expected online timeline of May 15.

Minnesota 1: One container remains offline due to an electrical failure. The container manufacturer will be on-site next week to swap the part, with an expected online date of May 5.

Texas 4: We have begun removing all Antminer S19 XP and S19a units from the site for redeployment to other facilities. Please refer to the email communication from our Chief Mining Officer for further information on these redeployments.

We will be hosting a client Q&A on Texas 4 on Tuesday, April 25, which you can sign up for here.

All other unit types will remain at Texas 4.

South Carolina 2: Units are now at a certified repair facility for inspection before redeployment to the next site.

Deployment Updates

Deployment note: Final bundle units are going online as in small batches as room permits at Texas 3 and other sites.
We are working on a final deployment package for delayed units to Ohio 2 and other site expansions.

Mini Bundle 1: 47 units in Unit 6 were deployed last week. Unit 6 deployment is now 83% complete and will continue as containers are energized in Texas 3.

Mini Bundle 2: 48 machines deployed last week, with bundle 98% deployed.

LoneStar 1: Bundle is fully deployed. Please file a support ticket if your unit(s) is not online.

LoneStar 2: Unit 5 is fully deployed. Unit 6 is 27% deployed, awaiting final energization.

US-VIP: Unit 10 is 96% deployed, with units 11-12 awaiting final energization.

RU-VIP: Bundle is 72% deployed, awaiting energization of units 10-12.

Next Generation Bundle and/or S19 XP Single Orders: Final single order S19 XPs have been deployed on temporary units as we await energization for orders. Remaining orders remain on standby.

Unit allocations may go to alternative sites, depending on the best timeline for units to be energized.

Texas 4 S19j Pro 100: September batch is 42% deployed, with remaining units awaiting further energization.

Ontario S19j Pro 100: Customers were assigned temps, worker names starting with “ttx.” These units will hash to customers until their permanent unit is available. Email communications will be received for both the temp assignment and the permanent unit assignment.

Texas 3 S19j Pro: 300 units scheduled for energization this week.