Compass Mining, the world's first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, has expanded its hardware offerings to include select ASIC machines for mining cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. Now Compass customers have access to machines for alternative cryptocurrencies under the “Altcoin ASICs” of the hardware catalog.

As a bitcoin-first company, Compass prioritizes hardware, hosting space, and client service for Bitcoin miners. The cryptocurrency mining market extends beyond SHA-256 ASICs though, and Compass wants to serve retail miners across the industry.

“Compass is excited to expand our ASIC hardware offerings,” said Whit Gibbs, CEO of Compass. “Bitcoin miners are always our top priority. But from time-to-time, we receive requests for altcoin ASICs from some of our clients, and we want to oblige them when we’re able to.”

Compass currently offers only the Antminer Z15 ASIC for mining Equihash cryptocurrencies like Zcash. Any new altcoin ASIC listings will be posted on the hardware page.

Browse the current hardware listings or contact the Compass team with any questions.