Bitcoin in South Beach. Hosted at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Bitcoin Miami offered warm welcomes and positive vibes for participants and speakers. For miners – who are quickly finding themselves the target of aggressive political action and public disdain – the event provided a moment to reconnect and dialogue on the industry’s future.

Here are the top mining talks you missed out on in Miami.

How To Further Decentralize The Hashrate

Compass Mining CEO Whit Gibbs, Upstream Data President Stephan Barbour, Titan CEO Ryan Condron and Barefoot Mining CEO Bob Burnett took to task the issue of hashrate decentralization.

Attack vectors such as pools, mining firms, and geographic concentration were the focal point of conversation.

You Are The Carbon They Want To Reduce

Castle Island Ventures partner Nic Carter, Core Scientific co-founder Darin Feinstien, Galaxy Digital’s head of mining Amanda Fabiano and Upstream Data’s Barber reflected on Bitcoin mining’s media image. The talk was framed around energy consumption and its comparison to actual carbon emissions.

“Focus on what the coin does for the world, not the energy. Bitcoin opens the door for financial freedom,” Fabiano said.

Blockstream announces Tesla, Block partnership

Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream announced a new mining program with Block (formerly Square) and Tesla using 100% solar energy. Blockstream will be using Tesla solar arrays to mine Bitcoin in Texas beginning with about 30 PH of hashrate.

"We're interested in proving our thesis that Bitcoin can help fund green power," Back said.

Building New Grids

Bitcoin mining is changing the way energy grids function. Terra Wolf Energy CEO Paul Prager, EZ Blockchain CEO Sergii Gerasymovych, Cleanspark CEO Zack Bradford and GRIID VP of strategy Harry Suddock perspective on the current state of the energy grid, particularly how energy loads are getting increasingly difficult to coordinate. By responding to energy needs downstream, Bitcoin mining fosters responsible energy usage and grid growth.

“We haven't reinvented computers, we have reinvented how power gets bought,” Suddock said.

Photo by Shawn Henley on Unsplash

Update (April 8, 2022 9:15 EST): Added Tweet and quote from Blockstream.